I am certain that Doug Stewart will be the leader that Malibu needs during these unprecedented times. As the current Mayor of Malibu, I feel positively about Doug taking on a City Council position, given his character, integrity, and priority of supporting and preserving our one-of-a-kind community.

Karen Farrer, current Council Member and former Mayor of Malibu

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Having served two terms as Malibu's mayor, I know the caliber of leadership needed to get the job done. I can say with confidence that Doug Stewart's financial acumen and unwavering dedication to the city of Malibu makes him a great choice for City Council.

John Sibert, former Mayor of Malibu

Doug Stewart will be a strong member of the Malibu City Council. His credentials for environmental protection, budget, and public safety are steeped in knowledge and experience. Doug Stewart is well-prepared to deal with issues such as the Woolsey Fire, Covid 19, PCH, MRCA, and Coastal Commission. Doug will listen to the community. I support Doug Stewart for Malibu City Council.

Joan House, four-time Mayor of Malibu

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Malibu needs City Council Members that prioritize safety. As a former Malibu Mayor and longtime Malibu resident, I’m endorsing Doug Stewart. In a time of uncertainty, we need steady leadership. I am confident that Doug is the right person for this job.

Andy Stern, former Mayor of Malibu

Malibu has experienced its share of emergencies during the 54 years I have been a resident. Knowing that we need all our bases covered to keep this one-of-a-kind community thriving, I believe Doug Stewart’s management background and commitment to public safety give him the skills needed to be a leader on our City Council.

Lloyd Ahern, Long Time Resident and Former Telecommunications Commissioner

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As a former Malibu Mayor and Council Member, I understand the issues that resonate with Malibu residents. Doug Stewart is a 20 year Malibu resident, a HOA president, and Vice Chairman of the Public Safety Commission. During these uncertain times, Doug’s experience engaging his neighborhood and working on vital public safety issues is exactly what we need now on the council.

Laura Rosenthal, Former Malibu Mayor

After more than 8 years on the City Council, including 2 terms as Mayor, 2 years as a Public Works Commissioner and 8 years as President of the Big Rock HOA, plus serving as President of the California Contract Cities Association representing over 70 cities, I know something about local government and what it takes to be effective. Doug Stewart has what it takes. He understands the issues and listens. I'm proud to join my fellow former Mayors in endorsing him. Doug is what Malibu needs right now and in the future.

Lou La Monte, Former Malibu Mayor

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For more than 60 years, I have called Malibu home. During that time, I have seen my share of crises appear. How we emerge from those crises often depends on the leadership in place. Whether it is wildfires, evacuation routes, or budget shortfalls, Doug Stewart has the insight and experience to see us through difficult times. As a former Malibu Mayor, I’m endorsing Doug Stewart for Malibu City Council.

Ken Kearsley, former Mayor of Malibu

Doug has been my Vice Chair on the Public Safety Commission for the last two years. During my 16 year tenure, I have run into few others that possess so many of the necessary skills for this position on Malibu City Council. He is hardworking, extremely competent and understands the issues that we face here in Malibu, whether it is regarding the health and safety of our residents or the fiscal dynamics of a city of this size with such diverse topography. Malibu City Council will be lucky to have him.

Chris Frost, Chair of Malibu Public Safety Commission

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I’ve spent that last 26 years involved in Malibu’s government either as a mayor,  council member, or a planning commissioner and I think I have a sense of what works and what doesn’t. The past couple of years have been difficult and the next couple won’t be much better.  I’m convinced Doug Stewart has the judgment and maturity to help lead Malibu through these difficult times.

Jeff Jennings, Former Mayor of Malibu and current Chair of the Planning Commission

Doug is smart, dedicated, experienced, and committed to serving our community with civility and respect.

Sharon Barovsky, Former Malibu Mayor

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Quote coming soon...

Dr. Dean Graulich, owner of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital

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Doug Stewart sees environmental issues as deeply engrained in the DNA of Malibu residents and plans to support these values. He would prioritize issues such as reducing plastic pollution and protecting wildlife.

Kirsten James, Director of the LALCV


The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the largest association of deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators in the United States, currently representing more than 8,000 sworn law enforcement officers, is pleased to endorse you for election to Malibu City Council. 

Ronald Hernandez, President of ALADS

Doug Endorsement ALADS.png

On behalf of the Executive Board and 3,200 members of the Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014, I am pleased to convey our endorsement for your November 3, 2020, Malibu City Council candidacy. Please proudly carry our endorsement with you to victory.

David Gillotte, President, Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Local 1014