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For nearly 23 years, my wife Sharon and I have called Malibu home. From the beautiful beaches to the fantastic neighborhoods, it really is OUR TOWN MALIBU.
Like many of you, I am worried about the future of Malibu. With outside forces working against Malibu’s best interests, wildfires, and a noticeable decrease in civility, Malibu is in danger, and we need to do something about it.
Malibu is strongest when we are united. I am running for Malibu City Council to restore a kinder, safer Malibu. I’m running to increase transparency at City Hall and promote healthy dialogue between residents and the city. And most importantly, I am running to ensure Malibu has the public safety resources, personnel, and policies to keep our community safe.


Doug Stewart is a successful businessman and Malibu resident of nearly 23 years. Doug is passionate about public safety and serving his community.

With decades of business experience in finance, investment, and budget management, Doug has achieved business success in both good and bad economic times. Currently, Doug runs Sierra Nevada Investment Management, which provides consulting services to family offices for their investments.

Doug serves in numerous local leadership roles, including serving as the Vice Chair of the Malibu Public Safety Commission, a CERT Team Member, HOA President, and various non-profit Board of Directors positions. Doug received his MA in Management from The Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, and his Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA, is from the University of Memphis.

Following his move to Southern California in the late 70s, Doug met his wife, with whom he had his son, Doug Stewart Jr.  In their free time, Doug and his wife enjoy sailing, skiing, hiking, and the beautiful scenery that Malibu has to offer.