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My wife Sharon and I have been Malibu residents for over 20 years. I’m running for Malibu City Council to help protect and preserve the beautiful city we all call home. From the Woolsey fire to the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has recently faced unprecedented challenges that have tested our resolve. Now more than ever, we need experienced leadership that can help see us through these crises, while also preparing us for whatever might come next. 


With decades of business experience in finance, investment, and budget management, I know what it takes to get through both the good and bad economic times.  I’ve also served in numerous local leadership roles, including serving as Vice Chair of the Public Safety Commission. As your City Councilman, my top priorities will include public safety, stimulating the local economy, wildfire prevention and control, homelessness response, the preservation of Malibu’s nature and beauty, and local control.  Together, I know that our community can overcome any challenge that comes at us, while also protecting and preserving the things we love most.


Doug Stewart is a successful businessman and Malibu resident of over 20 years. Doug’s drive for becoming a community leader in Malibu was sparked following the recent Woolsey fire and COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the need for strong leadership in the face of any potential financial crisis, health emergency, or natural disaster facing the city.


With multiple decades of business experience in finance, investment, and budget management, Doug has achieved business success in both good and bad economic times. In his role as Managing Director of Sierra Nevada Investment Group, LLC., Doug has gained invaluable business and life experiences that can be put to use to help the city of Malibu prevent a budget crisis and bolster preventative public safety measures.


Doug has been elected to numerous local leadership roles, including serving as the Vice Chair of the Public Safety Commission, a CERT Team Member, HOA President and various non-profit Board of Directors positions. Doug received his MA in Management from The Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University and his Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA, is from the University of Memphis.

Following his move to Southern California in the late 70s, Doug met his wife with whom he had his son, Doug Stewart Jr. Doug Jr. is President of an investment management firm and married to Victoria, an Assistant Professor at UCLA.  In their free time, Doug and his wife enjoy sailing, skiing, hiking, and enjoying all of the beautiful scenery that Malibu has to offer.